Autism is a lifelong condition that includes Asperger Syndrome. Let’s get the language right first. There is Autism Spectrum Disorder or condition, but our view is just to use the term Autism.

Autism affects individuals in different ways, just like having your own unique fingerprints. There is a saying that when you have met one person with Autism then you have met one person only. The causes are a combination of genetics and environmental factors, although research is finding various new theories. Most people with Autism have learning disabilities, also known as Classical Autism whilst those with Asperger Syndrome predominantly do not have a learning disability. The numbers of people with Autism has a progressively changing landscape and this maybe affected by the various diagnostic tools used. The Department of Health estimate that 1% of the population have Autism, this equates to approximately 620,000 people.

There is no cure for Autism and treatment options and theories vary.