Forensic Awareness

There are two kinds of forensic awareness; we know something because we have read about it or even studied it or we know from being involved with people who live with it every day. What our forensic service offers from the outset are the qualified opinions of a Forensic Social Worker and a Forensic Counselling Specialist both of whom have a background of investigative study into how the thoughts and feelings of people with an autistic spectrum condition (ASC) function.

We currently offer assessments for those with histories of offending behaviour, those on remand to the courts, those in custody and those subject to detention under the Mental Health Act 1983.

We also provide bespoke training in working with adults with Autism whom are classified as mentally disordered offenders.

Forensic Services

The area of learning disabled offenders often is complex and difficult to navigate for most practitioners. We offer skilled expert practitioners in this area for Court reports (Remand or Sentenced) First Tier Tribunal reports, Hospital manager’s reviews and other proceedings.

Our team of practitioners are skilled in Court and Tribunal proceedings, offering advice and guidance when working with learning disabled offenders.

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The only limit placed upon the extent and capacity of strategies is the human mind. Our experience of working with people with an autistic spectrum condition encompasses a diversity of strategies that are too numerous to list here. We are confident that appropriate strategies can be tailored to the needs of any and every individual.

Forensic Investigation

There are far too many cases of inappropriate disposals at court of offenders who have an autistic spectrum condition or learning disability. Unfortunately, the criminal justice system does not have a sufficient knowledge of these matters to always deal fairly or proportionately with a lot of these cases. Similarly, the co-morbidity of mental health and autism is problematic to those trained purely in mental health.

Forensic Autism Services have both the expertise and experience to investigate cases where either the client’s disposal has been inappropriate or their detention under the Mental Health Act has been mis-managed.

Tribunal Reports and Court Reports

There is little point in being consummately professional in all of the above, if the required outcome is a report for either a Tribunal or the Courts, and the facts of the case are not accurately gathered, recorded and presented.

Our service has a combined experience of over 60 years in dealing with cases that have gone before tribunals, Crown Courts and the Court of Appeal. In any reports required for these purposes, a comprehensive and meticulous account of our work is our guarantee.