1. legalMental Health Act 1983
    1. Part I
    2. Part II
    3. Part III


  2. Mental Health Act 1983 Principles
        1. Purpose principle
        2. Least restriction principle
        3. Respect principle
        4. Participation principle
        5. Effectiveness, efficiency and equity principle
      1. Mental Health Code of Practice (MHACOP)
      2. Mental Health Reference Guide


  3. Mental Capacity Act 2005
      1. Chapter 1 – Introduction
      2. Statutory Principles
      3. Assisting people to make own choices
      4. Test for capacity
      5. Best interests
      6. Protections for those who provide care


  4. Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS)
      1. DoLS Code of Practice


  5. Care Act 2014
    1. Principles


  6. Mentally Disordered Offenders and Forensics
    1. Who are mentally disordered offenders?
    2. Crown Prosecution Service (CPS)
    3. Part III MHA 1983
    4. MHA 1983 Reference Guide
    5. Prison Reform Trust


  7. Learning disability exclusions
    1. What are the exclusions


  8. Autism &  Asperger Syndrome under the MHA 1983
    1. Assessment under MHA 1983
    2. Communication
    3. Chapter 34 MHA Code of Practice


Codes of Practice

Mental Health Act

Mental Health Act (Welsh)

Mental Capacity Act

Mental Capacity Act (Welsh)

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (DoLS)

Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards (Welsh)

*There is anew Mental Health Act Code of Practice to be published on the 1st April 2015


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