Well this what they say about our training

Course: Social Supervisor’s Course

The course on social supervisors was a ‘breath of fresh air’. For the first time in my social work career someone was giving me clear direction as to my legal responsibilities as a social supervisor and the practicalities of how to best implement this. The trainers focus was practitioner based and suddenly, all that had been unclear to me made sense! The very next day I was able to attend an inpatient review on a patient who is subject to Section 37/41 and confidently assert my roles and responsibilities as the potential social supervisor following his discharge from hospital.

Cathie Long (Wales)

Learning Disability & Mental Health

Thank you for the training – we have not seen such enthusiasm about a training course before.

Anne (Harrow)

Firstly, I am taking this opportunity to say thank you for the training day you facilitated yesterday, not only was your presentation refreshing, it was relevant and I came away with a lot of thoughts/knowledge which can only enhance my practice and benefit the young adults I work for.

Pauline (Harrow)

I am pleased to provide this testimonial for the trainer from Learning Disability who is an outstanding practitioner and advocate for those with mental health problems and learning disability. The impact of the Mental Capacity Act 2005 and the Deprivation of Liberty Safeguards 2009 is been felt across all fields of Health and Social Care. Every Health & Social Services professional will find that the Act and Regulations made under it will affect their work and the decisions they make. Practitioners will need assistance and training to understand the Act and how it applies to their professional responsibilities.

The trainer on our course has extensive knowledge and experience of frontline practice, Mental Health & Learning disability legislation and case law and of contributing his significant expertise through training and writing in this area. It is hoped that he will continue to maintain this contribution for many years to come.

Anne McGarry
Lead Nurse for Safeguarding Vulnerable Adults & MCA
Birmingham Community Health Care Trust

Course: Introduction to Learning Disability

Very professional delivery, extremely informative, analogical – many courses cover the flowers coming off the stem – this course takes you from the roots to the blossom, giving you confidence in your ability to support the service user.

Marie Adamson

Courses: Introduction to Learning Disability, Learning Disability & Mental Illness and Ageing & Learning Disability Courses The Training Manager for Housing & Social Services – Isle of Anglesey

Total satisfaction …..feedback from public, private and voluntary sectors have been extremely positive and has resulted in evidence based improvements in work practices.

The training is innovative in delivery methods and engagement with learners and is always willing to customise courses to meet our specific needs. The trainer is both approachable and knowledgeable with current information and examples of best practice always available to share with course participants.

The courses are always oversubscribed which clearly demonstrates the value placed by employers on the trainers activities. We will certainly continue our relationship with these training services and work to develop further courses to reflect our local needs reflecting the Welsh Assembly Government vision of services for people with learning disabilities.

Barbara Hughes-Jones
Isle of Anglesey

Introduction to Learning Disability

I recently attended a training course entitled ‘ An Introduction to learning disability’. As a first year Social Work student with no experience in the field of learning disabilities I found this course to be eye-opening, informative and most enjoyable!  The trainer was a fountain of knowledge and their passion around the subject made the course inspiring not just at a professional level but also on a personal level. I hope to be able to attend more worthwhile days like this in the future as it really has made a difference Thank you!

Rebecca Jones
Studying Social Work at Bangor University.

Assessment of Autism under the Mental Health Act 1983

The trainers provided a thoroughly enjoyable and informative day for a mixed group of professionals from Rotherham, Doncaster and South Humberside NHS Trust including social workers, nurses, psychologists and psychiatrists. It can be difficult pitching material at the correct level when you have people from a wide variety of backgrounds, all with different levels of experience in working with people who have ASD, but they kept everyone engaged throughout the day. Their delivery was dynamic, enthusiastic and demonstrated a genuine commitment to raising awareness of the needs of people with ASD across the workforce. Theoretical material, such as the triad of impairments and Central Coherence Theory was presented in an accessible, jargon free way. We were also encouraged to participate in a range of thought provoking exercises, which I felt gave a real perspective on the world through the eyes of a person with ASD.

I found it particularly helpful to hear experiences from someone with a diagnosis of Asperger’s syndrome. He was brave enough to share some of the ways this has impacted on his own relationships, and it was inspiring to hear about the way in which he has used these in his own practice as a counsellor working with couples who have ASD. He would be a terrific role model for some of my patients, demonstrating that the diagnosis is no barrier to living a happy and successful life – and dispelling the myth that people with ASD: “lack empathy!”

I have worked with people with ASD for many years and am currently the ‘autism lead’ for the secure service I work in – I find my patients inspirational, and am passionate about ensuring their needs are both recognised and appropriately supported. I left the training with new insight and renewed enthusiasm for this task, which can seem monumental at times. Regardless of your level of knowledge and experience in working with ASD, I would really recommend this training day – you are guaranteed to leave it with improved understanding and skills – and a smile on your face!

Consultant Clinical Psychologist, Doncaster  

Assessment of Autism under the Mental Health Act 1983

I attended the course on Assessment of Autism + Asperger Syndrome and the Mental Health Act on Thursday 28th February 2013. The course was held at Swallownest Court in Rotherham and was aimed at the mental health services, both AMHP’s and other service providers in the healthcare system who have to work with people on the spectrum. It was delivered by two trainers. I am a Community Adult Autism Nurse based in Doncaster and I work in the mental health service and I am an AMHP and I therefore thought I may ‘know it all’. I was wrong and during the course, I found the subject  matter, detail, breakdown and presentation content delivered in a manner that provided more enlightenment than I had had before. I felt that for the majority of people present who may have only had a rudimentary understanding of ASC, they came away with far more understanding of the needs of people with ASC and the fact they have mental health problems.

Examples given were relevant and interactive and served well to enable people to ‘put themselves in the shoes of those with ASC’ Discussions were relevant and pertinent and the feedback from others present was positive. People remembered what had been said. I would recommend this course to people who have both a lot of understanding or little to no understanding of the spectrum as they will come out with far more insight.

South Yorkshire