wales-gov-logoWelsh Assembly Government

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The Welsh Government is the devolved Government for Wales.

We are working to help improve the lives of people in Wales and make our nation a better place in which to live and work.

The Welsh Government consists of:

  • The First Minister
  • Welsh Ministers
  • The Counsel General
  • Deputy Ministers.

They are supported by civil servants who work across devolved areas that include key areas of public life such as health, education and the environment.

We aim to be open and responsive to the needs of citizens and communities and are one of the few governments in the world that publishes Cabinet minutes and papers. Responsibility for most key areas of public life including health, education and environment is devolved.

With offices across Wales, including Merthyr Tydfil, Aberystwyth and Llandudno Junction, we are getting closer to the people we serve.

Health Inspectorate Wales

learning-disabilitiesLearning Disability Wales

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“Creating a Wales that values and includes every child and adult with a learning disability”

Our Values

  • Our work is underpinned by a staunch commitment to a specific set of values.
  • Our values are: Community, empathy, equality, freedom, humanity, individuality, innovation, justice, self-challenging, strategic, teamwork, inclusion.

Our Principles:

  • The right to an ordinary pattern of life within the community.
  • The right to be treated as an individual.
  • The right to additional help and support in developing their maximum potential.
  • The right to participate in all decision-making and service planning.

Our Aims:

We have five organisational aims to guide our work:

  • Reduce injustice, discrimination and prejudice experience by children and adults with a learning disability
  • Increase and extend opportunities for the active and meaningful participation of children and adults with a learning disability in every aspect of their lives and community
  • Increase commitment to the rights and concerns of children and adults with a learning disability
  • Increase the diversity and quality of service responses to reflect the individuality of children and adults with a learning disability
  • Maintain and enhance the accountability, efficiency, effectiveness, financial sustainability and governance of the organisation in order to uphold its values and deliver its mission and aims.

How We Work:

  • We work in partnership with other organisations, service users and their parents/carers
  • We campaign to help children and adults with learning disabilities achieve valued lives
  • We support the voluntary sector and its interests We provide and promote good practice